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Creating a Legacy of Success

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The formidable P Leathers research & development team never runs out of ideas which explains the wide array of new leather footwear , sports shoes , leather belt , leather wallet , portfolio bags , school bags , backpack , trolley churned out regularly to keep delighting its customers.

Our main vision is to make best quality products at the cheapest price! Now we have 600+ product variety with the unbeatable price range.Now we are focused for PAN INDIA expansion & EXPORT also. We are going to spread our affordable products with all the states of INDIA by distributorship project. . Be a part of a truly Indian growth story by becoming the proud owner of a P Leathers store.



  • P Leathers is the most affordable footwear & accessories chain. We don’t compromise with our product quality.
  • To grow as a dynamic, innovative and market driven domestic franchisor and distributor, while maintaining a commitment to the country, culture and environment in which we operate to ensuring customer delight by delivering quality product at affordable price through extensive retail network.
  • 90% + Profitable outlets
  • We start our product range from ₹72/- only
  • For every Indian’s comfort. Our visionary is to spread our products in every corner of our country to provide the best quality, affordable price ever via our franchise module. Every consumer will be proud to having their own home ground brand “P Leathers”.
  • We want to create mass employment by our franchise module. BE YOUR OWN BOSS.



  • Committed to better quality for middle class peoples.
  • Full Genuine leather shoe starting from ₹498 , Full Genuine leather belt starting from ₹160 , Ladies sandal & chappal starting from ₹159 etc.
  • We have a huge stock of footwear for men & women, Leather Belt for men & women, Leather Wallet for men & women, Backpack, Side Bag for men & women. Trolley etc.
  • We have 600+ designs
  • No minimum quantity required for franchise. ( Item wise )
  • Franchise will get Cut Size Option for daily inventory management. (Cut Size means, example – if you need 2 pair shoes of any article then you will get 2 pair only. no extra stock will be pushed by company.


  • Pre-approved list of locations available. We also provide location wise projections for locations you recommend Store layout design, fabrication guidelines by P Leathers.
  • Supply Chain, Marketing channels, Location assessment, technical check, Operational guidelines and Business support managed by P Leathers
  • All you have to do is sign up and we will help you set it all up!


  • You don’t need any kind of footwear business experience .
  • Our expert team of Franchise advisors will work with you to plan all aspects of the business
    From creating a business plan, to finalising location, applying for licenses, hiring, marketing, our team will assist you with everything.
  • You have all the excitement of running your own business with the safety net of a proven model and significantly reduced risk.
  • We are here to help you take the first step towards financial independence.


  • Monthly Profit and Loss (PNL) reviews to help improve profitability
  • Regular audits and training to ensure great quality
  • Softwear support .
  • Central Marketing Support: Radio, Online TV, transport, newspaper, etc
  • All franchise will get bulk number of pamphlets for distribution at Free of cost .

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frequently asked questions

Questions You Might Ask


A) How do I go about the process of opening a P Leathers Franchise?
Schedule an appointment with our Sales executive on +91 9163335984 / 9903322996 or go to  pleathersfranchise.com or pleathersfootwear.com and book an appointment.
B) What is the ROI on my investment?
The ROI on any investment depends on multiple factors like Location, Rentals, Expected Revenue, etc. There is no one answer to that question. To get a better idea of what it is likely to be for you, please book an appointment with our sales executives on 9163335984 or go onto  pleathersfranchise.com or pleathersfootwear.com and book an appointment.
C) Is the setup cost all franchise fees?
NO , We don’t have any franchise fees . For MINI STORE you need to invest stock 10 lacs (8 lacks stock + 2 lacks Interior ) , For METRO STORE you need to invest stock 15 lacs (12.50 lacks stock + 2.50 lacks Interior ) , For MEGA STORE you need to invest stock 20 lacs (17 lacks stock + 3 lacks Interior ) 
D) Is there any security deposit ?
NO , you don’t have to pay any security deposit


A) How much does the “ MINI ” Model cost?
Franchise Fee is zero . A MINI STORE need minimum space of 400 sq ft – 500 sq.ft . Total setup cost is in the range of 10 lacs
B) How much does the “ METRO ” Model cost?
Franchise Fee is zero . A METRO STORE need minimum space of 600 sq ft – 700 sq.ft . Total setup cost is in the range of 15 lacs
C) How much does the “ MEGA ” Model cost?
Franchise Fee is zero . A MEGA STORE need minimum space of 800 sq ft – 1000 sq.ft . Total setup cost is in the range of 20 lacs
D) Which Licenses will I need to run the outlet?
Municipal Trade license , Shop & Establishment,
E) Who will look after Marketing?
All central level marketing promoting the brand – Social Media, Radio, Newspaper, TV, etc is done by the brand. All location specific marketing like Flyers distribution in local neighbourhood, Hoardings arounds the outlet, etc to be done by the outlet
F) How much Marketing Budget do I need?
our experience has taught us that one should allocate at least 4% of the monthly revenue towards marketing.

G) What is the Initial stock Cost (For each outlet type)?
For MINI STORE you need initial stock of 8 lacs , For METRO STORE you need initial stock of 12.50 Lacs , For MEGA STORE you need initial stock of 17 lacs ,
H) What is the Royalty (For each outlet type)?
We do not have any royalty fees .
I) Which franchise models does P Leathers do? (FOFO/FOCO) (For each outlet type)
Franchise owned franchise operated model only
J) What is my expected rental going to be?
MINI STORE (15K – 20K) / METRO STORE (28K – 30K) / MEGA STORE (38K – 40K)
K) What about other costs?
Once we are aligned on the location, set up cost, etc, we will book an appointment with our Franchise Experts. They will make a monthly Profit And Loss Statement with you which will include all monthly expenses and give you a provisional view of profitablity at each outlet.
L) Which cities is P leathers looking to expand to?
Pan India


A) Skilled / Non- skilled staff ?
Non- skilled staff with relevant experience can be considered
B) No. of employees needed?
MINI STORE (2 employees) / METRO STORE (3 employees) / MEGA STORE (5 employees). This is an estimate based on average revenues. The number of employees will increase if order volumes are higher.


A) Who looks after Digital Marketing?
Our in-house marketing team will assist you .
B) Who looks after Offline Marketing?
Our in-house marketing team will assist you with a monthly plan on offline marketing like billboards, newspaper flyers etc. The local marketing plan will be put together in consultation with the Franchise Owner.
C) Who is our Target Audience?
Our target audience is the average middle-class Indian between the age of 8-80. A high density of population with that demographic is the most ideally suited for P Leathers. High density of students and young adults is another indicator of ideal demographics.


A) Who will do the project?
The outlet setup project work will be carried out by Franchise holder . If franchise holder need best quote for interior then ,a list of vendors and their costing will be shared by us .
B) Can I do the project on my own?
Yes , Of course .
C) How long will the opening of the store take?
25-35 days is the timeline to make the store operational once the Franchise agreement has been signed


A) Will P Leathers help with finding a location?
Yes, P Leathers can share top locations in a particular city basis data analysis of the market competion + online delivery sales data
B) I have my own shop. Can I use that for the outlet?
Yes, if the shop matches the requirement of the franchise model of the brand, the self owned shop can be considered.
C) How much Sale can I expect my outlet to do?
Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales Expert (+91 9163335984)
D) How should I choose the ideal model for my location?
Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales Expert (+91 9163335984)
E) Can I get a discount?
Yes , Of course .
Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales Expert (+91 9163335984)


A) How much operating capital will I need?
5-6 lacs of operating capital is reccomended for the intial few months of operations
B) Can I suggest my own products?
Products are fixed as per the brand finalized menu only